Are there prizes for the RIoT Hackathon?

Yes! Cash prizes with a total of 30 million Rupiahs will be awarded to the projects with the best score according to the judges courtesy of our wonderful sponsors.

Who is judging the teams?

Our judges lineup consist of seasoned experts in the IoT field from across the country.

What are the judges looking for?

The judges will give a high score for projects that are innovative, usable, and has a real-life practical use to augment the nation.

What do I bring?

You are recommended to take with you a sleeping bag and other personal effects that will make yourself as comfortable as possible in the venue.

What is the goal of hackathon?

The goal of the Republic of IoT Hackathon is to make the most.

Do I pay to register?

No, registration is free of charge! We only ask you to “pay” with your best, most innovative project ideas that can be applied in real life to augment the nation.

How do I get an invitation?

Submit your best ideas through the Republic of IoT registration page.

Will there be wireless Internet access?

Yes, the venue will have wireless Internet access for all participants to use. But we recommend you to also bring backup wireless modem as backup.

What is a hackathon?

In Republic of IoT, a hackathon is a full-day session where you and your team learn, build, and share IoT projects over the course of two days in a fun, collaborative environment. By the end of the hackathon, you and your team’s projects will be scored by the judges and the one with the highest score will become the winner.

When does the registration open and close?

Idea submission is open from July 31 until August 14. Select teams will be contacted by the organizer by August 16.

How many teams will be accepted in the hackathon?

The organizer will personally contact representatives of 30 registered teams to join our hackathon.

My team doesn’t get contacted by the organizer. What happens?

Unfortunately that means you are not allowed to join the hackathon. But you’re still welcome to come and check out participating teams, or join one of our jam-packed seminars in Republic of IoT!

What is the maximum and minimum number of members in a team?

A team must consist at least 2 persons, with a maximum of 5 persons.

I’m under 12 years old. Can I join the hackathon as well?

Sure thing! We only require a written permission from your own parents. Contact us for the format.

I live outside of Bandung. Do I get transportation / accommodation reimbursements?

Unfortunately organizers do not provide reimbursements for participants. All associated costs relating to hackathon are the responsibilities of you, the participant.

Do I get to entertainment during the hackathon?

You are free to roam the venue. We provide tasty snack bars and cool exhibition booths from our partners for your satisfaction.

Where can I sleep?

The organizer will prepare a dedicated spot for all participants to rest and recuperate, but if you bring your own sleeping bag, you can set up your sleeping spot wherever in the hackathon venue you feel comfortable. (So long as you respect other’s rights of space, too, of course.)

I bring many stuff with me. Where can I store it?

We provide safe storage for your stuff. Be considerate with the space, though!

I want to join but I don’t have any ideas yet. Can I join?

So long as you’re interested in making your own IoT projects, you’re welcome to join our RIoT Roadshow events throughout five major cities in Indonesia. The seminars will be enlightening and hopefully you’ll gain insights and ideas for your hackathon projects!

Will there be food?

We will not let the participants starve—we know full well thinking clearly requires a satiated belly. Food, drinks, and replenishments will be provided at venue.

I’m interested but I can’t code. Can I be a volunteer instead?

Sure thing! In fact, we really encourage you to join us as volunteers. You’ll meet great people and gain valuable experience while your at it.

Count me in! Where do I sign up?

Visit the website of the Republic of IoT and register yourself here. We’ll be glad to see you there!