What are timings for the event?

Further details on timings will be announced closer to the event.

Where can I stay?

The organizer will prepare a dedicated spot for all participants to rest and recuperate, but if you bring your own sleeping bag, you can set up your sleeping spot wherever in the hackathon venue you feel comfortable. (So long as you respect other’s rights of space, too, of course.)

Who attends?

There are a wide range of attendees owing to the scope of IoT, from CEO’s/CIO’s/CTO’s to Marketing Manager to IoT Startups and Developers.

How do I register?

You can register from here. Remember, this is all free, but you could get the prize if you win the comptetitions. So, why you make it simple if you could make it extra!

My team still not contacted by organizer, what happened?

Unfortunately, that means you are not allowed to join the RioT. But, you’re still welcome to come and check out participating teams, or join one of our jam-packed seminars in Republic of IoT!

What is the maximum and minimum numbers of each team?

Each team must consist minimum 2 persons and 5 at max.

Can I view the agenda before the event?

Yes. The agendas for all conference tracks are available on the website. You can also view the 2018 agenda overview here. (PS: scroll down if the link doesn’t work)

When will I get my ticket?

E-tickets will be issued 2 weeks before the event. Please remember to check your junk/clutter folder.

Will there be Wi-Fi available in the venue?

There will be free Wi-Fi available on site. We won’t make you back to the stone ages

Is there any food?

We will not let the participants starve—we know full well thinking clearly requires a satiated belly. Food, drinks, and replenishments will be provided at venue.

Who is speaking at the event?

Speakers for the 2018 event can be found here. The line-up is extended on a daily basis so we recommend checking back before the show. (PS: scroll down if the link doesn’t work)