What greater or better gift can we offer to the Republic of Indonesia than to foster and cultivate our youth?

There were a lot awesome feedbacks from makers, enthusiasts partners and even governments about #RIoT2017. So, now we are proudly announced that we will coming back this year! #RIoT2018 is going to adopt NB-IoT – the newest technology from LPWAN. Don’t miss the chance to blessing this event in disguise! This event will start from August 25th – 26th, 2018.

What’s new on R-IoT?

Startup Marketplace


Hardware Zone

Networking Night

Top 30th IoT Product Submission

Road To RIoT

Road To RIoT is a 2-days event consists of Seminar and Workshop in 10 cities. The Seminar were aiming the participants to deep-dive about IoT directly from the experts. These seminar will be given by IoT experts, stakeholders and governments agents. The Workshop were aiming the participants to get their hands-on the development boards and directly feel the awesome experience to create an IoT product.


24th – 25th Maret 2018



7th – 8th April 2018

Coming Soon


20th – 21st April 2018

Coming Soon


28th – 29th April 2018

Coming Soon


28th – 29th April 2018

Coming Soon


19th – 20th May 2018

Coming Soon


26th – 27th May 2018

Coming Soon


26th – 27th May 2018

Coming Soon


2nd – 3rd June 2018

Coming Soon


9th – 10th June 2018

Coming Soon


Deni Sutaji S.Kom., M.Kom.

Lecturer at Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik

Deni Sutaji, S.Kom., M.Kom. commonly called Pak Deni. He is a lecturer at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik. He was born in Gresik on October 11, 1984. He finished his Master Degree at the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember in Informatics Engineering. He also has the experience of being a Speaker at Seminar dan Workshop Sistem Terdistribusi dan Aplikasinya in 2016, SEMNAS INOTEK in 2017, and International Seminar ICEGEISD in 2017.

Hisyam Kamil

IoT Project Leader

Hisyam Kamil was born in Bandung, on November 12, 1994. Very excited during electrical circuits final test on his elementary school, which years later led him to pursue Electronic Engineering in Telkom University. After he graduated in 2016, he was set on PT. DycodeX Teknologi Nusantara which suits his interest in Microcontroller. He is now active on Makestro community as Project Contributor.

Endang Suwarna

Makestro Enthusiast

Interested in the world of Robotics, Internet of Things and Data Science. Having lot of experience in designing PCB's with Eagle or KiCAD, creating solutions in embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and ESP8266 / ESP32 and always interested in learning new things especially in science and technology.